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Learn any skill you want

Everything you want to learn is available online.

But it’s hard to know where to start and to know which resources are the best, especially when you’re new to a topic. Offcourse gives you the tools to explore, create and share collections of deep links to the web’s best resources.

Based on your activity, the platform tells you what to learn next and provides continuous feedback on the progress that you make. Offcourse isn't a course that you follow. It's the course that follows you.


How it works

Offcourse is a platform for crowd sourced learning.



Browse existing collections that were made by others or create collections of your own to share your knowledge with people around the world.




Edit collections made by others. The content on the platform will keep evolving and stay relevant and up to date for everyone.


Get recommendations and feedback on your progress. Gather everything into a personal profile that you can show to a (future) employer.



About Offcourse

We value openness, ownership and community. We work towards a world where everyone can learn anything and become everything they want as a result. It is our mission to bring community-driven learning around the globe. Meet the team.


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